About Us


At Fakapapa, we are passioned about Art, Crafts, Vintage and Kokeshi in specific. In an ever busier world dominated by mass production and automation, we find it comforting that there still exists true artisanal work. Handmade products that just reflect the soul of the creator and the rich cultural heritage. It is in this light that we named our shop Fakapapa. 

Fakapapa is a Maori term (correctly written as whakapapa). Maori are the indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand.  Fakapapa relates to Maori identity and links them to land and tribal groupings/ancestry and the mana of those. The majority of products that we offer tries to reflect a similar kind of mana embodied in the rich culture of the products. Skills that were passed on over generations.

Our shop is what we are all about. It is our passion. The products we offer have added soul to our lives and home interior, and now we just take the next step and start spreading that love worldwide!

We hope you will enjoy our shop as much as we do!
Have a great shopping experience!
Travel the world through our products!


Sanne De Smet
Owner of Fakapapa